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Advise and Tips

 The single most important thing you can do is lock your doors when you are at home,  i know it sounds silly but most of the burglaries i attend are due to unlocked doors in the day time with the occupants at home.  And its normally the car keys they are after,


Being secure is all about making sure you are not the easiest target on the street, criminals do not like work so if its hard to get into your house they will look for another easy home. 


 All ways take your car keys up stairs with you at night. The worst thing you can do is have them on show.  I can reach threw  a letterbox  about 6 feet into a hall with a fairly basic tool and manage to pick keys up. 

 Make sure your home meets the required insurance grades that is on your policy the last thing you need should the worst happen is finding out your not coverd due to the wrong Locks.

If you need any free advice call your Ashby De La Zouch Locksmith at Hazlewood Locksmiths and ask for tim hazlewood 0780 536 2046